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If you have an idea, you will want to know if this is a new idea or whether it has been done before. We can search specialist patent databases to establish if your idea is novel, or whether there are relevant “prior art” patents with similarities to your idea.

If there are existing patents similar to your idea, we can advise you whether you should be free to go ahead and commercialise your idea, or whether there are legal risks associated with this course of action. We will explain the options at each stage, and represent you if necessary in any dealings with other parties.

Hopefully your idea will be capable of being the subject of a patent of your own, and we can draft and file patent applications to protect your idea, whether you want protection in the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA or other countries. We have tried and trusted overseas advisors to handle patent filings in countries where local representation is necessary.

The patenting process can take several years, and we can handle this process through the various stages, including negotiating with the different Patent Offices to obtain the grant of patents. You will hopefully be developing improvements and variations on your idea, and we can help you develop a strategic portfolio of patents to give real protection to your growing business.

However you bring your idea to market, you will need to interact with other parties, whether it is in the form of a licence or distribution agreement with another company, manufacturing or sales agreements, or other types of collaborations. We can draw up such contracts if needed, and advise you in negotiations to make sure that you get fair value for your ideas.

While patents are the best protection for certain types of idea, we can also advise you on other forms of protection, including trademarks, trade secrets, copyright and designs. Whatever the best way of protecting your idea, Gadsden IP Limited can help you to maximise its potential.
Our Expertise


The proprietor of Gadsden IP Limited is Bob Gadsden, a qualified UK Patent Agent and European Patent Attorney for over 25 years. Bob has worked in Government, venture capital, and industrial companies, ranging from small start-up companies to large multinational organisations. He understands the differing needs of individuals, small, and large companies, and can provide practical and cost-effective strategies for each. Past experience includes work in highly complex and fiercely competitive technologies such as medical devices, packaging and electrical connectors. He has negotiated many licence agreements, ranging from small deals to multi-million pound ventures, and successfully defended companies from unwanted patent litigation. However, despite all this, Bob has always continued to enjoy face-to-face contact with inventors and engineers, discussing their ideas and drafting patent applications to provide the protection to reward their ingenuity.
Our Experience


Gadsden IP Limited has experience in dealing with the complete range of entrepreneurs, ranging from individual inventors, start-up companies and SME’s to large multinational organisations. Its proprietor, Bob Gadsden, has worked as a qualified patent attorney with all of the above types of innovators, including a spell with a venture capital company investing in ideas from individuals and small companies. We are ideally placed to understand the needs of your particular situation, whatever it may be.